Money Matters


I think most of us rolled into making thinking our Monopoly winnings and the CoronaVirus and we ended the month of May with protests to open up the states and protests over racism.  I have been like all of you glued watching the protests and looting. The protests and the looting has nothing to with George Floyd but his death was a tipping point of really the un-sustainability of capitalism.  You saw as I saw, people from all ethnic groups was out there protesting, looting and burning.  The looting is a strike back against the corporations that looting retirements systems, benefits and pay. Like I never knew that Target treat their employees badly until my middle brother “I worked for Target for a short time and they treated us employees like crap.”

I have been telling y’all about these corporations and the fall of capitalism.  Capitalism is un-sustainable because it depends on a larger and larger group of people working for next to nothing and being on the bottom.  Capitalism extracts the labor resources from poor and fills it’s coffers with money.  Racism and capitalism are deeply embedded with each other just as the Dems and the Repubs. What’s the difference between Biden and Trump? Just two years ago BOTH parties came to an agreement to give a trillion in tax cuts to wealthy corporations but when a pandemic comes around, once again, BOTH parties agree to give more money to the rich corporations and a measly $1,200 to taxpayers.

Keep in mind that Amazon pays no taxes and now Jeff Bezos will be the first Trillionaire ever.

Racism is to keep people distracted from seeing rich people and corporations from looting resources.  Thinks about how SwagBucks suddenly changed the terms and conditions of rebates, last month, and how we all was getting the same “we need look further at your receipt.” message when we uploaded our receipt. They designed their software to automatically fail when they need to change the terms and conditions of a popular rebate.  With capitalism, it’s always going to be Profits over People.

Let me get up off my soapbox and let what I’ve just said sink in.

The $5 Money Maker O Organics Baby Food Pouch that Tammy found was an incredible deal of not paying anything for the baby food pouch and then getting $5 back and no tax involve. It was a really great deal that didn’t even last week.  I knew that they deal would die quickly but it lasted longer than I expected.  OMG, the Merci Chocolate 7oz, they was legit paying us $0.90 a box to take it out of the store.

The Rite Aid Allegra Deal was right up my alley and it felt like old times with getting a quadruple-dip.  This was an exceptional deal for me because I actually use Allegra everyday and it was a Money Maker with the Rise to the Challenge rebate.

I was absolutely happy that My Expired $5 Extra Bucks was Restored.

I received a check for $24.20 for the FoodState Lawsuit Settlement and a $17.99 Amazon payment from the Vizio settlement. I received $105.89 from Ibotta, $36.69 from CO51, $74.50 Savingstar and I received a (2) $25 and a $50 Amazon gift card,  a $5 and $10 Walmart gift Card and a $10 PayPal from SwagBucks. I received a $25 Amazon and $10 Walmart gift cards from MyPoints.

Below are my favorite deals in the month of May:

$1 off JUST4U coupons

My Trip to Vons Monopoly Haul

Russell Stover Boxed Candy Only $1.99 Each

FREE Knoppers Wafer Candy Bars 8ct

FREE Bai Zambia Bing Cherry Drink 18 oz

Pace Salsa or Sauce 16 oz. for $0.63 each

FREE Pepsi or Mtn Dew Soda 20oz

Zicam Cold Remedy Elderberry Medicated Fruit Drops 25 Count

$4.53 Money Maker Listerine Mouthwash 1 Liter

$6.84 Money Maker Brisk Beard Oil

$5 Money Maker O Organics Baby Food Pouch

Money Maker Allegra Deal

(2) Signature SELECT Ice Cream 1.5 qt only $0.75 each


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