Money Matters

It’s finally 2021 and Happy New Year!!!  I was so proud of myself in getting the majority of my Christmas gifts for friends and family on Amazon during the Black Friday sales with the Amazon gift cards that I had been accumulating during most of 2020.

We all lost a lot of money in 2020 due to the pandemic having to buy those over priced darn face masks, hand sanitizers and soap. Remember, during the initial lockdown from March to May, we literally paid full retail price for groceries because there were no sales ads and long lines.

I am so grateful that I am a couponer because I did have in my stockpile disinfecting sprays and wipes, hand soap, toilet paper and paper towels and strangely enough, I had medical gloves in my stockpile from some Rite Aid deal.  When the pandemic began, I only had like 3 bottles of hand sanitizer so I did end up buying over priced hand sanitizer.

My family in Sacramento came through with the facial masks for us because as soon as the governor had issued the Stay-at-Home orders, I’d received a text from my brother saying that he’d already mailed out facial masks to us and we should be receiving them in a couple of days.

We must look out for one another.  Whenever, I would order masks online, I’d order for my family members, as well.

I post a lot of deals but I don’t always go out and do the deals.  I mostly do deals that are Money Maker or FREE deals for rebates.  Deals like the Dixie Ultra Large Plates for $0.19 or Florida’s Natural Orange Juice for $1.27 are items that are regularly consumed by my family and I won’t miss an opportunity to get in those types a deals.

I also post deals keeping in mind that there people with much larger families with extended family members (grandma, grandpa, nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles and cousins) and they should have multiple Vons, Ralphs, CVS, Walgreens and Rite Aid cards.  I hear people talking about people being greedy, clearing shelves, etc. but the truth of the matter is you got to get out there early people who are behind on their rent or mortgage or not working due quarantine because of COVID, their family members got to out and get them food and essentials. People are desperate and so you cannot coupon in the same way you coupon in 2019.

We had a lot of Ibotta deals die as quickly as they appeared like the FREE Green Garden Freeze Dried Herbs rebates and Secret Essential Oils Deodorant and the (3) $10 Online Ibotta Bonuses ending almost a month early and Walgreens changing our $5 off $5 Digital Coupon but we had a lot people at home due to the stay at home orders because they were either out of work or working from home so we had a lot of competition for deals.  I think that there will be another offer for the Free Green Garden Freeze Dried Herbs rebate but I won’t rush out as I did the previous two times. Both times, I was inside Ralphs about to buy and both times, I looked at the Ibotta app before buying and I noticed that the offers had disappeared. 🙁

I received a check for $16.15 from the U by Kotex Lawsuit Settlement, $24.51 PapPal from Neptune Holdings and $8.44 PayPall from Muscle Milk settlement.

I received $22.73 from Checkout 51, $232.62 from Ibotta, $50 Amazon gift card from Fetch Rewards, $75 from Shopkicks, $6.25 from Savingstar, $50 from SwagBucks and $25 Amazon gift card from MyPoints.

Below are my favorite deals in December:

Dixie Ultra Large Plates Only $0.19

Gevalia Bags or K-Cup Pods Only $2.99

$3.50 Money Maker Hallmark Lunch Bags

Florida’s Natural Orange Juice Only $1.27

Mrs. Meyers hand soaps $1.94

FREE Suave Essentials Shampoo or Conditioner 30 oz

FREE Sun Vista Peruvian Beans 29oz

$2.10 Money Maker Fuel for Fire Fruit + Protein Smoothie

$3 Money Maker Afrin Nasal Spray

$1.53 Money Maker Delsym Adult Cough Suppressant

$3 Money Maker Popsicle Fruit Twisters

FREE Lucerne Yogurt 6-oz

$1.49 Money Maker S&W Heirloom Beans 15oz

$0.34 Money Maker S & W Savory Sides Beans

$4.04 Money Maker Hallmark Holiday Cards

FREE Banza Pizza and Plain Crust

Lysol at Walmart

Scotties Triple Soft Facial Tissue for $0.50

Kroger Eggs, Large, Grade AA 12 ct Only $0.99

FREE Softlips Naturals Lip Balms

FREE Milkadamia

FREE McCain Quick Cook French Fried Potatoes

$2.20 Money Maker all Mighty Pacs Free Clear 25 Load

$5 Money Maker Dove & Dove Men Bar Soaps

FREE Lucerne Whipped Topping 6 oz

10% off Target Gift Cards

$3.03 Money Maker Nautica

$3.42 Money Maker Thomas Mini Croissants

FREE Mtn Dew Zero Sugar 20 oz

FREE Betty Crocker Cookie Mix

Biddeford Plaid Heated Micro-Fleece Throw Only $19.99



  • Theresa R January 5, 2021, 11:27

    Yes! Money does matter and thank you so much for your savings advice. And congrats on the great success you have had. And one more thing…I thought it was just me on that on-line Ibotta offer. I was a little miffed about that offer because I put forth a bit of effort and then, whoosh…gone. Happiest 2021 wishes. and, and and… omg Theresa

    • Ms. B. January 5, 2021, 16:56

      Money is how we support our family because we no longer farm. The pandemic was our wake up call that we must be diligent in saving.

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