Money Matters…

This week, I know that my job will be mad, crazy busy.  Number one, I have a meeting scheduled for 8 a.m. this morning, I never schedule Monday meetings…but I have a hot and urgent project.  Secondly, I have another project due today and I gotta tell my boss that I will not meet the deadline.  Ugggg.  It is what it is.  They send me inept and lazy people to assist me so I am going to end up cancelling the project. 

Anyways, I wanted to say that I have made $110 and some change from my blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I get a few pennies a day from “page hits” from people visiting my blog and I get like a dollar whenever someone clicks one of the google ads. 

I have been blogging for a little over a year and it’s the first time I have made some money from it.  Google withheld 25% for taxes. 

I have always enjoyed writing and so I turned that enjoyment and matched it up with another passion…saving money.  Now, if I could every match up…saving money, writing and buying clothes and shoes…oh boy, I’d be in the house!!!!!!  LOL