Money Matters…

God is Good. 

I checked my PO Box yesterday evening and besides finally getting the JUNE All You magazine…I got a $2,000 check that was returned to me from the Escrow Company!!!

In the middle of buying the condo, a background check was done on the Home Owners Association and my broker found out that th HOA was in litigation over an unpaid maintenance bill.  At the time, I was frustrated b/c it seemed like my dreams were being put on hold.

Then the fire struck.

It was as if God delayed the home purchase, in order, for me to be able to afford to buy the furniture that I needed after the fire.

The reason that I did not loose the $2,000 “Good Faith” check was b/c of the litigation delay. 

Receiving the check is kinda bittersweet…but I haven’t given up my dream of buying a home!