More Updates on

I looked at my CVS account, this morning, and wow, more updates to the look and feel of my account but I’m not seeing any new functionality features.

When I used to work for Big Gov., we did Beta Tests, at minimum, 90 days and then we would meet as a group with the different functional teams, customers, IT and the programmers.  CVS has been feverishly trying to push their customers to Send to Card all Extra Bucks, CVS Coupons and Digital Coupons but we have grown accustom to their long receipts.

I have seen people at CVS that when a long receipt doesn’t print have a very confused look on their face.

Walmart is also trying to go completely digital with their Walmart Pay.  You have to keep in mind that the Brick and Motar stores are competing with Amazon and if CVS and Walmart can eliminated the receipt, they are still playing in the game.



  • jerimy November 20, 2018, 21:24

    i am 50/50 on this idea of all digital.. I just want to feel that I’m in control of what is used and not used. I like the dig because if works right you don’t have to worry about the cashier questioning it. On the other hand crt that wont go thru and its suppose to is a problem dig cant fix. Their also pushing for self checkout too.

    • Ms. B. November 21, 2018, 08:04

      In my immediate area, we now only have one CVS that has an SCO registers, the other stores that did have SCO registers, those registers were removed and replaced with traditional registers. What’s interesting about SCOs at CVS is that depending upon the store, the registers can be programmed in multiple ways, i.e., doesn’t give cash, doesn’t accept coupons, accepts only ECB, accepts only 2 ECBs, the programming constraints that can be upon the SCOs are great which means that they can be a big headache for consumers. I would love for CVS to do a beta test for all SCO registers (no traditional registers) in state that does not sell alcoholic beverages at CVS.