I went to Walgreens to use the Spend $20 get $20 Walgreens Spend Booster with no real plan in mind except that I knew that I was going to get some toilet paper, FREE Baby Ruth Bars and the BIC razors as filler items.  The BIC Flex 3 rung up for $4.99 and they only had one so I grabbed the BIC Flex 4 for $6.79. I used my PayPal card to pay for my out of pocket.

2 Scott bath tissue $10
BIC Flex 3 razor $4.99
BIC Flex 4 razor $6.79
4 Baby Ruth $3.96

= $25.74

(2) -$1.25 Scott bath tissue Walgreens coupon
-$4 BIC Flex digital coupon
-$1 Scott bath tissue digital coupon

= $18.24

Got back $25.23 Walgreens Cash
Got back $6 Swagbucks (Baby Ruth)
Got back $7.52 CO51 (Baby Ruth & BIC razor)

Final Price: FREE + $20.51 Money Maker!!!

I have no clue how I got the extra $5 Walgreens Cash but I’ll take it!  I used the Baby Ruth & the BIC as filler items and it covered the usage of the two $1.25 Walgreens coupon. I could have easily just bought two Scott and the BIC razors but then my threshold would have gone below the $20 because of the Walgreens coupon and not the manufacturer digital coupons.

I could have bought just 4 packs of the Scott and used no coupons and I would still be ahead.