My Allergies are really, really bad之

I have mentioned from time to time that I suffer from allergy symptoms because every time our weather goes from 48 degrees to 75 degrees, the flowers start blooming and releasing whatever it is that they release and it sends my body into a tizzy.

Really since Friday, I’ve been sneezing, coughing, congested, itchy eyes and now all of this has caused my asthma to kick in so now I’m wheezing.

I’ve got to call my health care provider for an inhaler because the last time I had all these symptoms at once, it turned into walking pneumonia and with the coronavirus running rampant, I’m not taking any chances.

So, if you’ve noticed that I’ve been MIA (missing in action), I have been sickly and hopefully, they will give me some meds to clear all these symptoms up!


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