My Blog is not for Sale

So, yesterday, I received a second reminder email that I had not responded to an offer from a very familiar company for me to send them A thru Z.  I sent back to the company representative to remove me all future contact.

I am sure that allot of people would be totally flattered with an offer to partner with a familiar company that is a good match with their blog audience.

However, initially, when I was contacted, I read the contract (I read contracts for a living on my real life job) and I did not like the terms and conditions.  In essence, I would be doing all the work for very little financial gain.

My blog is not for sale.

A company has to make it worth my while to partner with me because I have to pay the electric, internet provider and web hosting and you can’t come to me dangle the word partnering in my face and expect to me to jump at your opportunity.

The company’s terms and conditions were absolutely awful.  It was like they all these conditions and we will pay this amount.

Dang, these companies want to keep all the profits and literally pay me nothing for my time.