My Coke Rewards Haul

mcr_logoFirst let me say, this year, I was a bit disappointed in My Coke Rewards b/c they made it so messy in trying to redeem your points on the different 12 Days of Christmas offers.  Then they initially said we would be able to redeem for a limit of four of coupons for a free Coke 12pk and then suddenly switched up to a limit of 1.

I just happen to start my vacation yesterday and I happen to be home when My Coke Rewards decided to offer free Coke coupons (unlimited redemption) for 1 hour in the middle of the morning.  If it didn’t happen to be raining in San Diego, I would have probably been out and about and I would have missed the offer.  I didn’t even get redeem all my points b/c the website was soooo slow.

HOWEVER, this is all the stuff I was able to get from My Coke Rewards:

$5 McDonald’s Gift Card

$10 Dominos Gift Card

$25 TJ Maxx Gift Card

(6) Coupons for FREE Coke 12pk

I want to say that I had between 1,200-1,300 My Coke Rewards points.  Now, y’all know, I didn’t actually buy all those Coke products, I always use my Extra Bucks or +Up Rewards to buy soft drinks, milk, water or juice.

Last year, it was much more easier to get the Coke coupons – no fuss, no must.  I want to say that I think last year they offered the Coke coupons for 30 points and they had that offer up most of the day.