My CVS Pandemic Haul

So, yesterday, I went to CVS to get the Culturelle for the rebates and the cashier asked if I wanted to buy the Berrcom Non-Contact Infrared Digital Thermometer for $69.99 because they’d just come into the store.  They had all of the pandemic essentials that you see in the picture above behind the registers.

I have been wanting one of those no contact thermometers since the pandemic broke but they’ve been sold out everywhere or the shipping was months and month away.  Amazingly, CVS is selling the thermometer cheaper than on the manufacturer’s website.

Mr. Man and I’ve have already discussed that we will continue to pick up sanitizers, masks and wipes as we see them since they are saying that the CoronaVirus will be back inn full force, this fall.

Typically, I wouldn’t be going through wipes like a drunk sailor but we got to sanitize everything. I walk around two or three times a day, wiping down the door knobs, the refrigerator, the kitchen cabinets, the bathroom fixtures because it’s best to be safe then sorry.

CVS really has no essential items at a discounted price.  For example, they had the same Viva paper towels that Walgreens had last week for $3.99 but CVS was selling them for $13.99.

The Bounty paper towels 2 count was selling for $8.49.  If you have the money if you find essentials that you use at a good price then stock up!  Use whatever store rewards you have to lower your out of pocket.


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