My eBay Story

If anyone has ever had to buy college books then you know that college books are brutally expensive and back in the day, I would go to the college bookstore to buy books and whatever supplies I needed.  However, I found out quickly that I could buy used books online for super cheap and there was a particular online bookstore that was a competitor of eBay. Within about a year of using this online bookstore, eBay bought them and that’s how I became an eBay buyer. Maybe a year or two later, eBay bought PayPal and that’s how I got my PayPal account.  This was all back in the early days eBay and PayPal.

I was an early adopter to technology and the online marketplace out of necessity. Initially, I bought a WebTV to access the internet and check for emails because at the time, buying a home computer was so cost prohibitive but at some point, I realized that I needed a computer and I went into debt to get one.

I have bought and sold on eBay for, at least 20 years.

I typically will only sell an item on eBay, only if I can ship it on the cheap.  I buy my postage through eBay which has some sort of partnership with U.S. Postal Service at a 10% or 20% discount when I go to print the mailing label.

I normally use used envelopes and various size boxes.  When someone sends me something in an envelop or box, I keep them so that I can repurpose them.  Plus, in my office, we get lots of envelopes and boxes that I can repurpose.

I always charge shipping unless I know for sure that what I am selling is going to be profitable and I am selling the item at a fixed price.

It’s very rare that I will sell liquid items (perfume or skincare) especially nowadays but if I do, it’s going FEDEX.

I only sell on eBay if it will be profitable for me to do so after shipping costs.

For example, the eBay listing above (it’s not my listing), if you have FREE razors from couponing, you should be able to ship close to the $3.75 price listed and make a profit.

I always leave my listings up for 7 days and I usually put up my listing on Friday and ship on Saturday.

Now, how do I get FREE listings?  I don’t know.  eBay send me offers for FREE listings and I take them up on those offers.

I think most importantly is that you think outside the box as what you can sell on eBay and flip the stuff that you get for FREE through couponing.

I am not an eBay expert so if you have any tips about selling on eBay, please feel free to leave a comment! 🙂