My Fashion Haul

First of all, let me apologize for taking the pics in my master bathroom but it was the only place where I could take the pics and the clothing show up.  Yes, I know the toilet paper holder in the background is tacky but it is, what it is and I am not a professional photographer! 🙂

This past weekend, I spent money like I had won lotto!  I took advantage of the $10/$25 Macy’s coupon, as well as, the various Veteran’s Day sales.  I needed to update my work wardrobe.  Back in 2010, I lost everything in a fire including my office attire for work.  Over the last year, I have been building back up my work wardrobe along with accessories.

I badly needed a “good” black blazer and Jones New York makes excellent clothing…although, on the pricey side.

I actually wanted two blazers – one that was classic and another more trendy.  This kelly green blazar is to die for…in person. I saw a very similar jack in a Navy Blue pinstripe at TJ MAXX for a whopping $199.99.

I also needed tops that I can throw on and get out the house quickly when I am running late in the mornings to work!

I got this absolutely beautiful teal blue sweater with fur and it’s on trend and fur is everywhere and it’s hot!

I also bought a pair of rose gold earrings to go with my Michael Kors Watch.  You can’t tell from the pic but the earrings about 1 1/2″ and they real 14K rose gold.