My Jury Duty is Over

If you are ever summons for federal jury do it because it is totally different than county jury duty.  I have participated in jury duty in Sacramento (county) on a criminal case and I have also served on jury duty in San Diego (county) on a civil case.  Both times, we potential jurors, waited around for hours with nothing to do.  I want to say that each case was a week long because there lots of breaks and attorneys talking to the judge about this and that.

Federal jury duty you are literally on call for 30 days but once I was officially summons to go to the courthouse (the night before) everything went fairly quickly.  They had summons 110 of us as potential jurists and within 2 hours, I was selected to be on a short criminal case, in fact, it was an immigration case.  We were only making a determination if the defendant was innocent or guilty of coming into the country illegally.

What was fascinating to me is that the court fed us because you don’t get fed when you serve on county jury duty.  We also had unlimited coffee and tea.

Once you serve on federal jury duty, the county will exclude from serving on another jury duty for three years.  However, the county and the feds do not exchange jury information so if the county summons you, you still have to go but you show them your paper work and jury number and they will dismiss from serving!

In my opinion, serving on a county jury is like being in a circus in comparison to a federal trial because the feds do not be playing around.

The federal courthouse is in downtown San Diego and so I took the bus but it was so freaking hot in the afternoons when I had to catch the bus back home.  Don’t get me wrong, the bus has very good air conditioning but it was after getting off of the bus and walking home, the heat about killed me off!