My Little Mini Haul!!!

It’s nice being off every other Friday (depending upon my work) it gives me an opportunity to jump on great deals!

Normally, I would run into Walmart in the middle of day but those Philips Norelco Shave on the Go Battery Razor for $2.97 after coupon was calling my name and they will make a wonderful Christmas gift on the cheap!  The $10 Norelco coupon scanned without any problems.  Walmart was busy as all get out like they were having a Black Friday but I was able to get in and out quickly.  I found razors in the middle of the the main aisle near the razors.

I absolutely needed to stop Vons to pick up the FREE Capri Sun and try out Ibotta.  Ibotta makes so easy to claim the $1.75 for buying the Capri Sun.  I went to the Ibotta app, click “upload receipt” and the app took a picture of my receipt, then the app ask to take a picture of the UPC code and I was done.  Hmmm, I paid $1.49 at Vons for the Capri Sun and Ibotta is going to pay me $1.75 for buying it…not a bad deal at all! 🙂

Oh, by the way, Ibotta has already given me the $1.75 for the Capri Sun and I got $5 for being a new customer…so, if you have an Apple iPad or iPhone make sure to sign up for Ibotta!!!

Also, I did stop by Rite Aid and I bought a juice…and absolutely nothing printed on my receipt about a Holiday Bonus +Up.  Now, I am wondering is it b/c I have my +Ups loaded directly to my Wellness card?  Who knows.


  • Elena November 30, 2012, 18:55

    I have 3 cards and the one that has 4000 points did not get an offer, the one with 3000 points has buy 105 get 10, and the one with 1000 points got 75/10 ! My friend with 400 points did not get an offer . Maybe yours had too many points?

    • admin November 30, 2012, 20:04

      I have close to 6,000 points maybe they didn’t I needed any bonus. 🙂

  • greenbean November 30, 2012, 21:20

    I have 2000 points and I got a buy 160 get 20 up offer.

    When I went to RA today almost every single coupon beeped: Samy, St. Josephs, Salon Grafix and Advil (both the RA & mfc from the inserts). The cashier entered them but it’s so frustrating. I know I had exactly the right products and some of these coupons I’ve used at the same store before with no beeps. I think it must be different in every RA and this one isn’t doing a god job programming product codes or something.

    I did at least get a good deal on the Covergirl – got 12 of the single shadows for 30.48, used 6 $3 mfc coupons + $2 RA mailed coupon, got back the 15up.

    Re: the Dove l2c – it looked like it came off at first on the register screen, but at the end I was $2 short and sure enough it wasn’t anywhere on my final receipt. I thought that it could have been canceled out during the transaction b/c I used a Dove VV or b/c I had manually entered coupons, but I saw from your shopping trip that you had both of those too and the l2c still worked for you, so I don’t know what’s going on with that. It’s very odd. And I have no idea if customer service will give me any credit for it if I call…

    • admin December 2, 2012, 17:33

      For the $2 L2C or any L2C, you have to leave enough room in your total for it to come off and it sounds like the cashier did enter manual coupons so that could have messed up the L2Cs. I don’t there is much you can do about it not coming off of you receipt. You might want to call CS to see if they will send you a $2 +UP for your inconvenience???