My Quick Trip to CVS💄

After going to Ross for the $0.49 Red Tag Sale, I stopped by CVS to do the Money Maker Revlon Cosmetics deal and this deal was even an Money Maker for me living in expensive San Diego where our prices are just high for no good reason. Almost every item pictured above is $2 higher than the Money Maker Revlon Cosmetics post except for the eye pencil which was $1 higher.

All that being said, before tax, I paid $6.28 and I got back $15 from Ibotta ($11 Revlon, $1 Revlon bonus and $3 Field Gold Ibotta Bonus). Even including my $2 in taxes, I still way ahead of the game.

Keep in mind that I had a $5 off $20 Revlon cosmetics coupon that stacked with the $5 off Revlon cosmetics printing from the Redbox and I had all the Revlon digital listed in the original post, plus my Ibotta offers was for a higher amount than in the original post.

I will not be participating in the $5 Midweek Money Maker Bonus because I wasn’t able to unlock the Ibotta’s Super Bowl Feast $20.84 even though I got my son signed up for Ibotta and we got him the $4.49 Red Baron or Freschetta Pizza Ibotta rebate and submitted the receipt! My son got all the freebie offers, I did not 🙁 Plus, for me, 18 rebates is just too many rebates for me to redeem unless there are some really awesome deals to be had.


  • Cheryl January 24, 2022, 10:50

    Ms. B.- what is your sales tax? Ours is 9.50% and Torrance is trying to raise it to 10.25%

    • Ms. B. January 24, 2022, 11:07


  • Nick January 24, 2022, 16:43

    I stopped by CVS on a hunch just seeing what my total would be at self checkout. It was fairly close: $4.61 before tax, and I had prescanned everything with Ibotta, expecting $10 back from Ibotta, not $8. But instead it was $12, plus an extra dollar for finishing the bonus! 🥳

    And now for the hard part: I “guessed” at shades and am surprising Wifey with the four items on her pillow plus a Red chocolate bar. Wish me luck, that doghouse can get awfully cold at night!

    • Ms. B. January 25, 2022, 01:24

      We can always go back and change the shades at the drugstores but good luck!🍀