My Quick Trip to CVS

Since I only needed $12 and change to complete the $15/$50 P&G Savingstar rebate, I decided to follow Tammy’s Trip to CVS scenario.

However, I wasn’t as lucky as Tammy in that only (1) $2 Crest digital came off on my receipt and I actually had a (2) $3/$12 Oral Care CVS coupons but only (1) came off on my receipt.  Plus, I forgot to bring my Extra Bucks with me so I paid out of pocket.  But my out of pocket was from my PayPal card so I basically rolled money from Ibotta and Savingstar to pay for the deal.

My Walgreens trip was  a $5 Money Maker – $19.95 + tax out of pocket and I got back 13,000 ($13) points and a $10 RR and I’m waiting for my $5 RR from the catalina folks .

My CVS trip is basically FREE (before tax) after the $7 ECB and I get back $15 from Savingstar.

The Walgreens trip + the CVS trip is a $20 Money Maker before tax.