My Quick trip to CVS

For the last 5 weeks, CVS has been sending me a FREE $4 Extra Bucks and last week, I used the $4 Extra Bucks on the FREE+MM Dove Hand Soap deal and that trip end up being a $7 Money Maker since not only did I get back the rebates but I also got back a $3 ECB and a FREE $1 ECB which I rolled those ECBs into the Cottonelle!

I would have definitely grab the FREE+MM Hallmark gift bags but my store didn’t have the gift bags and they didn’t have any Hallmark products below $1.59 and for me, I didn’t want to do the Hallmark deal unless was the gift bags.

The Cottonelle was $10.49 spend $20 get $5 ECB and used store rewards below minus the Hallmark.

I got back the $5 ECB and submitted my receipt to Fetch Rewards for the spend $30 on Cottonelle get back $3 in points. I have my receipt in for correction with Fetch because for some odd reason their software doesn’t recognize when I buy Cottonelle.🤣

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  • Nick June 21, 2022, 13:43

    Sorry to make you turn around and go back to Target, But if you need Ibotta credit consider picking up a couple of the Dial Foaming refills. Using Circle, Ibotta and the soap itself (which we can always use) is fairly cheap after all the bells and whistles of the various discounts (there’s a Dial Ibotta bonus which will also kick in).