My Quick Trip to Ralphs (6/23)

When I saw the $4.50 Heinz Mayo Ibotta rebate pop up on Saturday and I checked the price of the Heinz mayo, I knew for me the purchase was going to be a Money Maker for me and for who needed to redeem a rebate for the $2 Level Up #1 Ibotta Bonus Rebate.

I had posted that I had found, at Walmart, the Buy Heinz Ketchup 32oz+ get the Heinz Mayonnaise FREE (up to $3.50) hang tag coupon months ago.

The Heinz mayo and ketchup purchase ended up being for me a $3.63 Money Maker because I ended up completing the June Level 1 bonus which in essence paid for the ketchup!

As I was about to put the mayo and ketchup in the kitchen cabinet and I checked the dates of the two ketchups, I had and they had both expired so I was able toss the expired and replace with new for free!