My Quick Trip to Walgreens (5/2)

I have said many times, on this blog, that in San Diego, our Sunday coupon inserts are cannibalized and so what we end up with is only the bookbinding of the front and back pages of the inserts, all the other pages of the insert have been removed to sell on Facebook, Instagram and coupon websites.  It’s very frustrating that we can no longer buy the Sunday newspapers for the coupon inserts but I’ve been couponing for a long time and I am going to make a deal work without having the tools at my disposable.

I knew yesterday when I posted the FREE+MM BIC Razor & Colgate deal that it’s an awesome deal BUT I didn’t want to buy the toothpaste and FREE Butterfinger, CRUNCH, Baby Ruth, 100 Grand Bars at the Drugstores was DEAD, as well as, the Merci chocolates deal EXCEPT they brought back the FREE Merci chocolates offer and it was exactly what I needed to go back to Walgreens!

The chocolates was really a filler to used the Spend $20 get $5 Walgreens Cash Spend Booster.  A Spend Booster is just an incentive to get you to come into the store, you’ll find under the Coupons. Keep in mind, if you are going to use a Spend Booster, you must pay in cash UNLESS you are buying items over the booster threshold, you can use Walgreens Cash for anything over the threshold.  Below is my transaction:

2 Bic Razor: $13.58
2 Merci Chocolates: $8
1 CORE Bar: $2.99

Total: $24.57

-$4/1 Bic (Digital Coupon)

Pay $20.57 oop

Earn $5 Walgreens Cash for Booster
$5RR for Bic
$5.99 Ibotta
$9.24 CO51
$6.02 Swagbucks

Final Price: FREE + $10.68 MM!!!

It would have been a $14.68 Money Maker if I had the $4 off BIC SS 5/1 but I’m happy with a $10 MM. I bought the CORE bar for the Ibotta Midweek bonus.

EDIT: I submitted my receipt for the $2.99 Merci Chocolates on Ibotta and I was credited…so, a $13.67MM!!!