My Quick Trip to Walmart

Yesterday, I went to two Walmarts looking for the Real Simple Magazine. The Walmart in National City is a Super Center but it was a bust because they had an itty-bitty section for books and magazines.  It feels weird going into Walmart and the store is packed to the gills midmorning. Heck, even before the virus, the Walmart was never packed on a Tuesday midnight like it was payday Friday.

Anyways, according to the GPS the other Walmart Super Center is further south 10 minutes away.  Since I took the early retirement almost 2 years ago, I have had the opportunity to visit almost every Walmart within about 20 minutes of where I live.

However, yesterday, I found myself at the Walmart in Chula Vista off of East “H” Street which is a Walmart that I’d never visited but THEY had Real Simple magazine!!!

As you see, I purchased two magazines – one magazine per transaction. I submitted one receipt to SwagBucks and the other to MyPoints making my purchases an $8 Money Maker.