My Quick Trips to CVS

I ended up going to 3 CVS stores looking for the $0.99 Hallmark greeting cards.  The first store, they didn’t even sell the $0.99 greeting cards so I went to another CVS and they had the $0.99 but they only had 2 of the $0.99 greeting cards.  I grabbed two cards and two $0.49 Hallmark gift bags, I used the $3 off 2 Hallmark cards digital coupon and I paid the tax.  My receipt said that I needed to buy one more card to receive the $3 Extra Bucks.

I was very lucky to have a second $3 off 2 Hallmark cards digital coupon that I could use. A couple days later, I went to a third CVS store and that store didn’t sell any $0.99 greeting cards but they $2 greeting cards and $2 Hallmark crepe paper sheets, after digital coupon, I paid $1 and I received the $3 Extra Bucks.

The $0.49 Hallmark gift bags are obviously perfect for small gifts but also if you bake cookies, candies or bars, you can use the bags, too.

I believe the $3 off 2 Hallmark cards digital coupon can be used on the greeting cards, bags, wrapping paper, stickers and crepe paper sheets.  I don’t know about the bows but I thinks it’s only on the paper products.

Let me reiterate that to get the $3 Extra Bucks, you must buy the Hallmark greeting cards and if you buy the $0.99 cards, as always it’s YMMV!


  • Kerri Sholly November 9, 2020, 09:29

    I have used the $4/6 (similar to $3/2) Hallmark cards CRTs on bows, wrapping paper, bags, etc. for months now, and love it! I typically will get one CRT one week, followed by an identical CRT the next week, so I hold onto them and combine for free or really cheap Hallmark items. For example, a few weeks ago I bought 4 bags @ $.49, 1 wrapping paper @ $4.99 and 1 bow @ $1.29 = $8.24. I used (2) $4/6 CRTs and paid $.24 for all!

    • Ms. B. November 9, 2020, 11:21

      Kerri, I am late to the game! 🙂 I got another $3 off 2 so I will be stocking up!

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