My Quick Trips to CVS & Walgreens

I am so glad that I used a $3 Extra Bucks on the Fiji water deal since I looked over the CVS weekly ad for next week and for the first time, in the ten years that I have been shopping at CVS, they will not be offering the four day freebies starting the Sunday of Thanksgiving week.  It’s almost as if the three drugstores companies got together and decided against Black Friday deals.  Anyways, the bottled water was $1 each after Extra Bucks and rebates.

I did not see allot of the Kinder Joy eggs and maybe they had more in the back?  This super easy transaction that was free and money maker and a cute stock suffer.

What was very odd on Sunday is that both the Fiji water and the Kinder Joy eggs had blue UPC codes on the products and when I scanned products for the Checkout 51 nor Savingstar could read their UPC bar code.

I didn’t try scanning for Ibotta because by then I had gone to a UPC website and entered the product name “Fiji water 700ml” and bar code appears and I still needed to enlarge the page to get the UPC to scan.  Scanned beautifully for IB and CO51.

The Kinder Joy egg doesn’t have a full UPC number but the Walgreens receipt has the full UPC number which I entered into the UPC website and it came up immediately, I scanned for CO51 and S*, again no problem.

I am literally scanning the UPC code on the screen on the website.

I also use the UPC website when I want to see if a particular product is eligible for a rebate…this is of course for research purposes only.