My Quick Trips to CVS

On one of my accounts, I had a $3 Beauty Bucks and I had a $2 off $12 Cosmetics CVS coupon plus, I had Extra Bucks doing the Clairol, Covergirl, candy, L’Oreal Elvive and the Everpro hair color.  The Rimmel deal at CVS, buy $12 get $8 Extra Bucks is a great way to roll Extra Bucks into cash.  I did the Rimmel deal on both of my accounts because I have two S* accounts.

The mascara was $6.99 and the lipsticks is $6.29 each.  I went to 2 different CVS, the first store only had the mascaras and some kind of liquid eyeshadows and the other store had a full range of Rimmel products.  Keep in mind that I had did the clearance Rimmel Money Maker at Rite Aid a few weeks ago so I already had money towards the Rimmel rebate.

(2) Rimmel lipsticks $12.28
-$2 off $12 Cosmetics CVS coupon
-$10 in Extra Bucks

= $0.28

Get Back $8 Extra Bucks
Earned $4 S*
Earned $1 S*

Note: The $1 S* rebate offer was a rebate that came and went very quickly because I only have it on one of my accounts.

Also, on my second card, a $6 Beauty Bucks printed as expected.