My Quick Trips to Rite Aid

So, on Sunday, I posted about the FREE + MM Battery Deal at Rite Aid and I ordered, online, 4 packs of batteries (I should have only ordered 2 but I didn’t know that at the time) for pick up and I waited and waited and wait for the email to tell me to come and pick up the batteries.

While waiting for the email, I went to another Rite Aid and used another account number and bought four of the batteries (I should have only bought 2) and I got back $16 in Bonus Cash. I basically paid a $1 for each pack of batteries and I’m okay with it.

I then got distracted by the FREE Thanksgiving Meal Walmart/Ibotta collaboration and I got distracted getting ready for my trip (why did I buy new luggage for my trip?) and I realized yesterday I had not gotten the email to pick up my batteries…which was kinda of a blessing because I was able to do the Rite Aid Magnum or Talenti Ice Cream *Glitch* ! I used the Bonus Cash to pay for the ice cream and I got $10 back.  I ended up paying like $1.39 each for the Magnum ice cream which is an amazing deal

I picked up the batteries but they only had 3 batteries and as you see by the receipt, I paid $6 and change and got $10 Bonus Cash!!!!!!