My Quick Trips to Rite Aid, CVS and Target

I needed to redeem three more rebates to complete the $2 Cocoa Cash Ibotta Bonus rebate. My first stop on Sunday was Rite Aid where I bought the two Prego pasta sauce and the purchase counted towards bonus.  I had a $1 Bonus Cash that I used for this transaction.

I then went to CVS to get the Nexium 24Hr 28 ct and I posted about this freebie Savingstar deal on Sunday.  Initially, what I did was go on, I sent the coupons to my card that I thought would apply and then added the Nexium 28 ct to my cart to see which coupons would apply, they all applied, I then removed the item from cart and tested in store.  It worked exactly as I posted.

Interesting event about my CVS trip, is a FREE $1 Extra Bucks printed on my receipt, it’s valid for 7 days.  It’s the second time, within the past four weeks that I have gotten a FREE $1 Extra Bucks and it was not at the same store.  It appears that CVS is doing some sort of secret customer beta test.

Also, over the last couple of months, CVS has been sending requests to take a quick minute to answer a surveys.  The requests are coming from CVS and not the company that does the CVS Survey.

I then went to a Target I had never previously visited (thank goodness for the GPS on my phone) for the Tropicana Essentials Probiotics Peach Passion Fruit Juice 10 oz and I thought that the store was out of stock.  I was just about to head to the registers when I thought to myself “go look one more time” and I spotted them!  It counted towards the Ibotta bonus and it was an easy Money Maker with no tax.

I almost forgot but I’m not changing the post title, I went to Walmart and picked up a Neutrogena sheet mask for $2.50 and got back a $2 Ibotta rebate.

I completed the bonus and I want to say that 90% of items that I got for the bonus were free or Money Makers like the fragrances, the other 10% were items that normally eat or drink so I don’t mind having out of pocket for those items.