My Quick Trips to Rite Aid & Walgreens

Today, is the last day that I can use my Gold Status Rite Aid card because I didn’t spend enough to make Gold Status for 2019 but I did spend enough to make Silver Status on that card for 2019.  However, that is the same card where Rite Aid Messed Up My Account.

Anyways, I did the Sheamoisture deal using my second card which is at Silver Status but that card won’t have discounts next year.  I bought 2 of the hair care for $10.79 each (price includes the 10% discount for Silver Status), I used (2) $3 Sheamoisture coupons and $12.31 in Bonus Cash, paid $3.27 and got back $10 Bonus Cash and earned $5 Savingstar rebate.

At Rite Aid #2, I found a little coin bank on 75% off clearance for $2.49.  I keep it or use it as a Christmas gift for next year.

I got at lucky at Walgreens because they had a young male cashier so I grabbed the Vichy Makeup Remover Wipes for $0.99 each on two different cards!