My Quick Trips to Walmart & Target

Usually, everyday around 10 a.m., I head out to my car to go walking in the park. This morning, I was running a little late but it’s not like I have a job but I like to be consistent and normally if I’m going to stop at a store prior to my walk, I will leave earlier. I decided to do my walk first and then stop by Walmart for the FREE Love Good Fats bars from Checkout 51 as I was only planning to walk for 35 minutes. I can always do a quick walk in the evening, to make up my time.

Anyways, I did my walk and I went to Walmart which is like 5 minutes away.  I looked at phone to see if the Checkout 51 offer was still available and it was available it was saying something only a few more left.  I ran into Walmart and grabbed the bars and I ran to self check out and I was in and out of that store in about 8 minutes. As soon as I got into my car, I scanned my receipt and I was good to go.

I then went to the Ibotta app to scan my receipt for $0.20 any Snack Bars bonus and it was a no go but the app said that my receipt qualified for the $4 Love Good Fats Bars Ibotta Rebate.

Target is right around the corner from the Walmart so I stopped by there to pick up the Money Maker Banza Chickpea Rice 8 Oz.  The transaction went exactly as planned except for that the cashier gave me back $0.78.  Huh??? I told the young male cashier, “I think you did something wrong because I don’t think you are supposed to be giving me money.” He said, “Oh, yes, I am because that’s what the register says to do.”

Tammy’s luck is wearing off on my me…🤣🤣🤣

What ended up happening was a glitch because some how my $2.27 Target Circle Rewards came off a second time and that’s why he had to give me the $0.78 back.

I think it was last week, I posted about using my Target Circle Rewards on the FREE Peet’s Iced Coffee deal at Target and I used only $2.24 of the $2.27 I had in Target Circle Rewards. I go back to Target today and I was able to used the same $2.27 again to paid for the Banza rice.

I submitted my receipt to Ibotta to get back (2) $2 Ibotta rebates but for whatever reason, Ibotta only gave me credit for (1) $2 rebate and of course, I submitted a quick trouble ticket and I’m sure the matter will be resolved quickly (keeping my fingers crossed).

Today, was a quick $8.78 Money Maker!