My savings is really building up…

I can hardly believe how much my ING savings accounts are building up. By my setting savings goals, the money just seems to be piling up. In February of this year, I put in just $10 into one ING saving account. Now, it’s almost June and I have saved up $856.62 By the end of June, I will have over $1,000 in savings.

I believe that what helped me most was the fact that I set a goal to save $125 per paycheck at minimum. Sometimes, I put in more than just the $125 b/c I had extra, extra money on my check so I put it into savings. On some freakin paychecks, it was super tight to squeeze out that $125 b/c of an emergency but I went ahead and put away the $125 into savings and squoze out the money somewhere else in my budget. Keep in mind that I have also set goals for debt repayment so had times it was very lean for me.

I think the best thing to do is to set up savings goals – $5, $25, $100 – whatever amount you think you can squeeze out of your paycheck and stick to it. As you find more money in your paycheck, bonus or whatever, add more money to your savings.

This time last year, I would have never imagined that I would have built up this much savings in three months. But I stuck to it and you can, too.

It’s all about saving money and building up the Benjamins!