My Status on the True2Go Meter MIR

I received an email regarding the status of the True2Go Diabetes Meter I bought from my trip to Rite Aid.  Boy, the rebate folk are quick to provide you status considering I had just mailed out the rebate on May 8th.

Anyways, the original price of the meter was $9.99 but I paid $7.99 with my 20% discount.

Well, the NIPRO Diagnostics Rebate folks had my status as “valid” and rebate amount:  $9.99 check!!!!

I also got a $5 +Up when I bought the meter so in essence I made a $7 profit!!!!!!!

There is going to be another True2Go or True Results diabetes meter deal, the week of 5/20 (I think) but you’ll only get back a $2 +Up but I believe the limit is 2.

I love couponing! 🙂

Please, remember that you must submit your rebate for the True2Go within 30 days of purchase.