My store returns…

I don’t normally do store returns b/c it’s a hassel.

Okay, I’ll admit that I was HOT when the Albertsons cashier refused to let me use my second $6 off Air Wick I-Motion coupon! The manufacture pays the store $6 for each coupon that is redeemed so there is no loss to Albertsons to accept both of my coupons. However, the Coupon Nazi cashier can’t figure that out.

Anyways, I am off my soapbox. LOL.

I went back over to my local Albertsons and did the return. At first, the clerk was trying to give me back $3 sayings that the coupon was $6/2. I stood my ground and told her that the coupon was $6/1. She went back in the back and found the exact coupon and sure enough it was $6/1. HOWEVER, she gave me back $6.99, it’s not the tax b/c the tax should have been around $.54 cents. Whatever the reason, I just took the money.

Then, I ran back over to CVS to return the wrong razors and to buy one more bag of Dove candy. However, the manager needed to be called to do the return. She defintely was not happy that I had paid ZERO for yesterday’s merchandise but gave me cash to buy the correct razors and the Dove.

I got back $8.47 for my return of the wrong razors and then I bought the following:

Bought 1 Schick ST3 8ct Razor $6.99
Bought 1 Dove candy $3.50

Total = $10.49

Used $8.47 cash (for returning wrong razor)

Total out of pocket = $2.02

EBs Earned = $9 ($5 Dove + $4 Schick)

Profit = $6.98 ($2.02 – $9EB = $6.98)

I also scanned my CVS card and got a $1 any Kleenex Lotion Tissue CRT exp 9/21.