My thrifty Target deal today…

Okay, it’s hot here in San Diego today. I actually do live in the city of San Diego and it got to a high of 76 degrees! However, the trooper that I am, I braved the hot weather in my air conditioned 1998 Honda Civic and ran over to Target.

I went to the Target in Mission Valley. Everybody and their brother was out-and-about and Target was beaming with people. But as soon as I walked into Target, I saw the Kashi products like right away! I had walked into the correct door b/c if I had entered through the other door, I would have had to through all the people. There was a clerk there fiddling around the Kashi, it looked like to me, he was trying to hide from management. LOL.

Anyways, here are my gets at Target:

2 Kashi Strawberry TLC Soft-Baked cereal snack bars $5 ($2.50 ea)
Used (2) -$1.50 Kashi TLC coupons (mailed to me)
Use 1 -$1/2 Kashi Granola bars or Cereal bars
Target Printables

Subtotal: $1

I used a $5 Target gift card from a transaction a month ago so I put the $1 on the gift card and there are no taxes on food. I had $0 out of pocket!!!!!!!!!!!

A couple of weeks ago, I received a sample of a Kashi TLC cereal bar along with (5) $1.50 coupons for Kashi TLC cereal bars. Always, sign up for FREE samples b/c allot of the times they send along coupons encouraging you to buy their products. This Target deal was exceptionally sweet b/c there was a Target coupon I was able to use along with the Manufacturer’s Coupon!

I received 2 Kashi TLC cereal bars for ZERO out of pocket!!!!!!!!

PS – the week of 7/26, CVS will have a Kashi deal buy 3/$10 get $5 EB. I can use the (3) $1.50 coupons making the price $5.50 and receive a $5 EB. Of course, I’ll pay with a EB so the final price will be after receiving the $5 EB will be $.50 or $.17 for 3 boxes of Kashi TLC cereal bars!