My Trip to CVS (1/27) πŸ’„

The Revlon Ibotta offers reset so I decided to use my second CVS card which is my oldest card and it’s the card that my son uses when he runs into his nearest CVS store. I am working on the $5 Weekend Warrior + $5 Halftime bonuses and as the Revlon Ibotta offers reset, I pulled out my second CVS card.

Revlon setting powder $11.99
Revlon lip crayon (BOGO50%)
Revlon mascara $10.49
Revlon Kiss lip balm $5.99 (BOGO50%)

-$6/$30 digital
-$5 off Revlon
-$3 Revlon lip digital
-$3 Revlon eye digital
-$4 face lip digital
-$0.44 Extra Bucks

= $10.02

Got back $13 Extra Bucks

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  • Nick January 28, 2022, 11:42

    Just got the CVS β€œweekly” (sorta) text which is downgraded, to say the least. No more $5 free beauty item, it’s simply a $3 off $10 beauty which won’t be useful for most of us, although there may be a few deals in the ad where it might stack.