My Trip to CVS (10/11)

I’ve misplaced my receipt but I think it’s in the back of car but the good thing is if you for real loose your receipt, you can now send your Extra Bucks to card!

This was a super simple transaction.

$10.99 Eucerin lotion
$11.99 Eucerin lotion
$13.99 Eucerin lotion

= $36.97

-$7 Eucerin lotion coupon/$3.50 off Eucerin coupon
-$2 off Eucerin digital coupon
-$2 off $6 Eucerin lotion coupon
-$3 Beauty Bucks
-$1 Extra Bucks Rewards
-$21.97 Extra Bucks

= $0.00

Got Back $15 ECB
Earned $10 Ibotta rebates
Earned $6 Savingstar
Earned $3 Beauty Bucks

I basically rolled some of my Extra Bucks into cash because Cash is King.  I don’t want $40, $50, $100 in Extra Bucks because they are only good for 30 days, whereas, cash is good forever.  I also don’t particularly like having to roll Extra Bucks or Bonus Cash. Honestly, I’d rather not have any Extra Bucks and jump back in the game when there is a Physicians Formula Rose Hand Sanitizer Glitch or a L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara or Primer Glitch.  Again, when you see the running lady in the title, you need to grab your keys and jump in your car for those types of great deals.

I still remember My Trip to CVS for a $42.55 Money Maker back in 2013. I’m pretty sure it was Thanksgiving weekend and I always would take off from work the whole week of Thanksgiving and I found out about the deal late in the evening but I grabbed my keys and I was gone! 🤣 PayPal nor CVS never thought that we’d get the PayPal gift card get the $50 ECB and then drain the money from gift card and then spend the $50 ECB like ASAP.🤣 Back in those days so many glitches, so little time BUT CVS and PayPal are now a billion businesses.

It’s only been in the last two or three weeks that I’ve done lot of CVS shopping… just here and there but they’ve enticed me back into the game with their fantastic store coupons. This is why most of us have more than one CVS account and Savingstar account.