My Trip to CVS…

This morning, I was sooooo excited about going to CVS…b/c I had THREE CRTs that matched up with MFG coupons so I knew it was going to be an expensive trip!

This is scheduled post since I’ll be at the cookout when this goes onto my blog.  I know that not everyone has plans for the 4th so I wanted to get this up to give folks some transactions ideas.

I had a hard time find both the Tylenol Precise and the Baush & Lomb b/c they are new products and I didn’t know what the heck I was look for on the shelf…but I finally did find them but not much stock in my store.

Here is my gets at CVS:

Bought 1 Nice & Easy Roots Touch Up $5.99
Bought 1 Baush & Lomb Biotrue Eye $2.99 (limit 2)
Bought 1 Prevacid 14ct $12.99
Bought 1 Tylenol Precise Heat Patch 4ct $5.99

Total = $27.96

Used -$2 Nice & Easy Roots Touch Up (P&G 7/4)
Used -$2 Nice & Easy Roots Touch Up CRT
Used -$4 Prevacid peelie
Used -$6 Prevacid CRT
Used –$1 Tylenol Printable
Used -$5 Tylenol Precise CRT
Used -$7 in Extra Bucks

Total after coupons and EBs used = .96 cents

EBs Earned = $5.99

Cost = $1.97

Notes:  As I have posted previously, when I can get cheap Prevacid…I’m all over it!  I did not like the Zegerid at all but I’ll have to use it up.  I did get the Tylenol Heat Patch for FREE after the CRT and the $1 Tylenol Q.

All-in-all, I think I had a pretty good trip to CVS!!!!!!!!!!