My Trip to CVS

IMG-20130209-01046Earlier today, I went to my favorite store that I know never has any stock on Saturdays and I got myself a raincheck for the Renu. I know that this raincheck will come in very handy in the future.

I stopped at another CVS in the Hood, this evening, and I found the clearance Gillette razors for $3.24 but I didn’t have the $10 Gillette ProGlide coupon with me. 🙁

Here are my gets at CVS:

Bought 1 Renu Sensitive Eye Solution $7.99
Bought 3 Cinnamon Toast Crunch $6
Bought 1 Kebbler Coconut Dreams Cookies $1.99

Total = $15.98

Used -$5/$15 CVS Coupon
Used -$2.50/1 Renu Printable (Savings Club)
Used (3) -$.50/1 Cinnamon Toast Crunch Printable
Used -$1.50/1 Kebbler Cookies (Kellogg’s Family Rewards)

Total after coupons used = $5.98 (paid w/gift card)

EB Earned = $5 Renu

Notes: Now, I am pretty happy with this transaction b/c I basically paid .98 cents for my favorite cereal and I get to try the new Keebler Coconut Dreams cookies which look like the Girl Scout cookies! I did find the FREE Yardley Bar Soap peelies on the Finese shampoo or conditioner and the peelies do not expire until 12/31/14.


  • Gee February 9, 2013, 22:54

    I lost my CVS card earlier this week so I have to call corporate to get a new card or transfer my info to a new card. Hopefully its not too much trouble, it was easy to get a replacement rite aid card.

    • admin February 10, 2013, 05:57

      I had the same problem about 3 yrs ago. You can get another card at the store and then call CVS’s 1-800 and have them merge your old card info with your new card. You may need to sign up for the Beauty Club and the Diabetes program again with a new card number.

  • Jay February 10, 2013, 15:17

    You got a rain check & still purchased one during the same week? I hope you have 2 cards bc this def sounds dishonest esp since the renu is limit 1.

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