My Trip to CVS…

Aaaaah, we got a break in the weather, today.  We had almost perfect weather – not too hot, not too cold – it was just right.  I think it was around 72 degrees out in North Park for about an hour.  The first thing, I did this morning was get a pedicure!  Me and “Sarah”, the pedicure lady, laughed and talked about money matters, how to save money.  Her daughter will start at UC Santa Barbara soon.  Very interesting conversation.

After getting my pedicure, I head over to CVS.  Earlier in the week, I had found 2 Extra Bucks worth $14 and I still have my $5 Extra Bucks from the survey I had taken earlier in the month.  I needed an alarm clock for my son/guest room.

Here is my get at CVS:

Bought 1 Timex Clock $19.99
Used -$19 in Extra Bucks

Total = .99 cents

Notes:  I wanted to use every single Extra Bucks on my old CVS card and now that I have done that…that card will be retired.  I actually no longer physically had the old card b/c it was lost in the fire and I had been using my phone number BUT I couldn’t scan a card at the scanner to get CRTs. 

I now have $1.98 in Extra Bucks on my “new” card and I will be using this card exclusively.  I will changing my card number online so they will match up properly.

I highly recommend this Timex alarm clock, I love how the alarm “gently” wakes you up!  A friend, actully got me this clock right after the fire just before my return to work.