My Trip to CVS

This was an amazing CVS trip but I wished that I would have bought more cosmetics so that I could use the $3 off $15 Covergirl CVS coupon, therefore, the Covergirl cost $0.79 or $0.40 each.  The young male cashier who can and will push through almost any coupon had a tough time with the B1G1 Covergirl and the B1G1 Dial coupon, he actually had to void the initial transaction and re-ring to make the coupons work.

Part of the issue was that the $3 Covergirl digital coupon came off on my receipt, as well as, as the two $1 Dial digital coupons.  Typically, he would have maxed out the up to price on the coupon but the register would not let him do so and this was before me handing him any Extra Bucks.

With the Dial both of the hand soap are free and the body wash is on sale 2/$6.  I had a $2 off $6 body wash and (2) $1 Dial digital coupons came off on my receipt so after Savingstar rebates, the Dial body wash and hand soaps are free.

The Dove Easter egg single serve is $1.25 and there is a $1 Dove Easter egg Ibotta rebate, limit 5.  The rest of the candies are really filler items so that I could use the (2) $5 Extra Bucks!

I got back $5 Extra Bucks for the Covergirl and I earned $3 Beauty Bucks and I earned (2) $1 Dial Savingstar rebates.