My Trip to CVS…

I got up early this morning to go get newspapers.  I gotta get out early on Sunday mornings b/c of the parking situation, the newstand is located at a busy intersection so if I want to run in and out, I gotta get there early.  I am always suprised at how many folks are out and about that early in the morning (7 am).

Anyways since I was up and out, I cut out the coupons I needed and drove over to CVS.

Here are my gets at CVS:

Bought 1 Dulcolax Balance 8.3oz $9.99
Bought 1 Schick Hydro 5 Razor $8.79
Bought 10 Paper Pocket Portfolio $1.30

Total = $20.08

Used -$4/$20 CRT
Used -$4 Ducolax Printable
Used -$5 Schick (RP 8/8)
Used -$5 Extra Bucks

Total = $2.08

EBs Earned = 13.99

MIR Earned = $8.97 Schick Hydro MIR

Profit = $15.88

Notes:  I’m gonna submit the Schick MIR using my PO Box or work address.  I wanted those folders that I picked for work, we never have the right folders in the supply cabinet at work when I’m working on certain types of projects!