My Trip to CVS

Yesterday, I posted about the $4 Money Maker Garnier face mask deal at CVS and I had to go to CVS myself to see if that coupon would come off on my receipt before I posted the deal since I had not seen anything on social media about it.

Initially, my thoughts were to just do the Suave freebie deal to roll my expiring $5 Extra Bucks into $3 in cash via the IB rebate but then I decided to roll all of my Extra Bucks and I won’t have any expiring Extra Bucks until May!

Since, $6 off 2 Covergirl cosmetics coupon had reset on Sunday, I decided to do the Covergirl (buy 2 get $5 ECB) but I totally forgot about the $3 Covergirl printing from the Coupon Center.

However, I had already used the Funyons and the soda as filler items to use my Extra Bucks and I was kinda doing this transaction off the cuff so I was trying to keep my out of pocket as low as possible and due my low OOP, the $1 Suave DQ did not come off on my receipt.  The $6 off 2 Covergirl DQ (digital coupon) also came off on my receipt.

The Funyuns was a special request from a couple of weeks ago and they never go on sale and they literally the same price at grocery stores, Walmart and Target.

Oh, before I forget, the Suave hair spray did not qualify for the IB rebate and I used two separate cards to get the Funyuns!