My Trip to CVS

I had no plans on going to CVS but then those Clairol hair printable coupons came out and what a great way to roll Extra Bucks into cash with rebates!  Keep in mind that I have a $10 CVS eGift Card from doing a SwagBucks deal a couple of months ago so I can go down to zero Extra Bucks and get back into CVS with my gift card.  I also had a $3 Beauty Bucks and a $10 Extra Bucks from the St. Ives deal, last week.

The Clairol hair colors are on sale this week for $6.99 and what is awesome is that I used the $6 off 2 Clairol Nice ‘n Easy or Natural Instincts Hair Color coupon and the $3.50 off Clairol Natural Instincts Hair Color coupon, a $3 Clairol digital coupon came off on my receipt, thereby, paying for my Pace Picante Sauce!!!  If I would have known that the digital coupon was going to come off on my receipt, I would gotten a candy bar or another food item to absorb the overage.