My Trip to CVS

I did two different transactions on two different cards.  The card that I don’t usually use that much, however, since Black Friday, I have been using my least used card for Money Makers and rebates and I had accumulated $23 in Extra Bucks so I decided to buy sodas (buy 6 for $20 get $5 ECB) and Mr. Man was happy with that purchase since he had specifically asked for me to get some sodas.

The second transaction was weird because the razor rung up at the regular price of $13 and changed vice the advertised price of $9.99 but I did get the $4 Extra Bucks, the $4 digital coupon came off along with the $4 off $10 razor, blades or shaving items CVS coupon.  I’ll have take back my receipt and get my Money Money back.  The Elvive I used a $4/2 coupon from the RMN 1/6 and the $3/2 digital coupon also came off on my receipt so it was a Money  Maker after the $4 Extra Bucks.


  • Jessica January 15, 2019, 17:03

    Did not you notice that the price is higher than expected, at the time of purchase?
    Also, I’m wondering if they refunded your money. Do you know that CVS has the Policy to give $4 ExtraBucks an item scanned incorrectly? You should get those $4 EB along with a difference in the prices.

  • Jessica January 15, 2019, 17:04

    Also, can you tell me please what the UPC code of that Schick razor?