My Trip to CVS

Ugggghhhhh, I messed up on the toothpaste but it still worked out because I did not have enough in my transaction to absorb the overage I would have had if the the toothpaste coupons came off, too. I should have gotten the Colgate Optic White as I originally had planned.

The buy Neutrogena facial get FREE Neutrogena wipes CVS coupon would not work on the multipack so I had them void both items off my receipt.

Some how I lost my receipt between going to CVS and Rite Aid so I’m going off my memory as to how my transaction went.  I also lost my 25% off Rite Aid coupon, too.  Thankfully, I can re-print the ECBs and the Rite Aid coupon.

(2) L’Oreal Elvive Rapid Reviver $11.98
(2) L’Oreal Elvive hair care $8
(2) Colgate Total $6.98
(1) Colgate mouthwash $3.99

= $30.95

(2) -$3 L’Oreal Elvive Rapid Reviver RMN 2/10
-$4/2 L’Oreal Elvive hair care RMN 2/10
-$3/2 L’Oreal Elvive digital coupon
-$5/2 L’Oreal hair care CVS coupon
-$4/$15 L’Oreal hair care CVS coupon
-$8 in ECBS

= $0.95

Got Back $6 in ECBS – $4 toothpaste and $2 mouthwash
Earned $3 Beauty Bucks (I was only $6 from a BB)


  • Jessica February 12, 2019, 20:25

    Do you know if some Loreal stylers are a part of the LOreal deal as it was last week? Or this week are they not included (not on sale 2 for $8)? thanks

  • Ms. B. February 12, 2019, 21:15

    Included as part of the 2/$8 sale is the L’Oreal Elvive shampoo, conditioner 12.6 oz or select stylers. The stylers should be tagged in store.

  • Elena February 12, 2019, 22:49

    I wonder how your receipt with overage looks. That was a crazy amount of hair care coupons. Does it show “minus something” for L’oreal products? Does it show that return value for toothpastes are 3.49, since no coupons and you did not use extrabucks? Maybe you can return toothpaste and re-buy with $4 coupon?