My Trip to CVS

I should always stick to my planned shopping trip unless they are out of stock and in this case nothing was out stock, I just swapped out a mascara for a eyeliner which caused the $2 Covergirl mascara not to come off on my receipt. I assume that I activated the $1 Covergirl mascara first and that’s why it came off on my receipt. Also, for some odd reason, my $3 Covergirl digital coupon was reduced to $1.50 but I really can’t complain as I had three Covergirl/cosmetics digital coupons that came off on my receipt and I gave them a $3 Covergirl coupon that printed from the Coupon Center.

(1) Calendula cream $8.99
(1) Covergirl mascara $6.59
(1) Covergirl eyeliner $7.59

= $23.17

-$1 Covergirl DQ
-$3/$12 Cosmetics DQ
-$3 Covergirl CRT
-$1.50 Covergirl DQ
-$8 ECB

= $6.67

Got back $13 ECBs – $6 Calendula and $7 Covergirl
Got back $2 Ibotta