My Trip to CVS

My late breakfast/early lunch is getting cold because I putting out all these post! 🤣

I had to go to two CVS stores to find the Money Maker Physicians Formula Rose Hand Sanitizer 0.87 oz. My nearest CVS was supposed to have it but it’s a busy store even with Self Checkout and I couldn’t find the sanitizer so I drove to the other store and they had a special display for the sanitizer so they were easy to spot.  This was between 9:30 a.m and 10 a.m. today and the $5 off any Physicians Formula or Almay cosmetics coupon that is printing for everyone, this week, scanned perfectly but was reduced to $4.58 which is the cost to by 2 sanitizers.

I bought the Love Beauty & Planet and the L’Oreal mascara yesterday. Amazingly, all of my CVS coupons came off ($6 off $30, $6.99 digital coupon, hair and cosmetics coupons) BUT I screwed up the Love Beauty & Planet because for some odd reason in expensive San Diego, CVS sells the LB&P for $9.49 and I didn’t catch it until I realized I didn’t get the $10 ECB so now I’ve got to figure out a way to inexpensively get LB&P or SheaMoisture hair products on the cheap so I can get the $10 ECB. 🙁

The L’Oreal mascara is an awesome deal $5.99 buy 2 get $6 ECB, limit 3, especially since I am only doing eye makeup since I’m wearing a mask while I am out and about.


  • tammy September 28, 2020, 17:06

    I ran out during my lunch break today to get the PF and another woman walked into the store at the same time as me. I wandered over to the PF aisle because I knew exactly where to go. She came over soon after. I was in the middle of looking at the shelf and I saw a bottle that resembled the hand sanitizer and as soon as I reached out to take a closer look she whipped her hand in front of me and grabbed all 6 bottles! It wasn’t the sanitizer though- it was blush. I immediately went to go ask an employee where to find the sanitizer while the other woman began circling the area to find the sanitizer. The employee told me it was by the cash.
    I ran- didn’t walk over there- and saw 4 lonely bottles- that’s all that was left. I debated taking all 4 because this other couponer was so nasty and to hide the two but opted to leave the 2 for her to find. I saw her go to the same employee I did to inquire and the employee said “oh I just had someone ask me about those- oh she’s over there by the display”. I could tell steam was coming out of her ears wondering if I took the last bottle. Some people are just so nasty!

    • Ms. B. September 28, 2020, 17:44

      Tammy, that was an incredible store to get your PF Money Maker…WOW!!!!

  • jessica September 28, 2020, 17:59

    Did you get $6 for 2 L’Oreal mascaras? the ad excludes those mascaras that are on sale.

    • Ms. B. September 28, 2020, 18:44

      Yes, I got the $6 ECB. OMG, good catch! I went back and read the ad and you are right the ad excludes the mascara. Yesterday, I watched a Youtube CVS Haul and the girl go the mascara and got the ECBs so I got the mascara, too.

      Let me run to CVS real quick bc I have a $6 off $30 on my other card.