My Trip to CVS 1/6

1When I finally woke up on Sunday morning, it was raining. I got a late start b/c I woke up really, really late! I still had to get the newspapers, cut the coupons out, etc. needless to say I did not get out the door to do my shopping until mid-afternoon. I went to the CVS in the Hood I know that there are not allot of couponers over there, although, cashier was hot about me using so many coupons! 🙂 I did five separate transactions but I am doing just one post, in order, to save time. Okay, none of the Visine Original 0.5oz counted towards the J&J deal at CVS. Neither did the Listerine Pocketpaks nor the Rembrandt, however, I did some sort of tracking of $10.04 under Lubriderm but I didn’t buy any Lubriderm.

Also, I am posting just one pic of both my CVS and Rite Aid haul.

Here are my gets at CVS:

Bought 2 Diet Coke 12pk $7.16 (incl CRV)
Bought 5 Diet Coke 2L $7.15 (incl CRV)
Bought 1 Diet Sprite Zero $1.44 (incl CRV)
Bought 2 Minute Made Juice Box $5.98
Bought 1 Culturelle $10
Bought 2 Eucerin Daily Repair Lotion 13.5oz $3.48 (on clerance for $1.74ea)
Bought 1 Listerine $3.99
Bought 4 Hershey’s Kisses $12
Bought 4 Visine $19.96
Bought 1 Contour Next EZ $9.99
Bought 1 Rembrandt $3.99
Bought 1 Listerine Pocketpak $1.99
Bought 1 Soft Scrub $1.99
Bought 1 Airwick Candle $6
Bought 1 DiGiorna Pizza $4.99
Bought 2 Bayer $5.64 (BOGO50%)
Bought 1 Bayer $3.29
Bought 2 Special K Cereal $5
Bought 1 Bengay $5.49
Bought 8 Finish Powerball Dishwasher Detergent 25ct $31.92
Bought 1 Nivea Shave Gel 7oz $4.19

Total = $155.65

Used (5) -$4/$20 CVS Coupon
Used -$2/$10 Cold Products
Used (2) -$2 Coke 12pk Printable (NLA)
Used (2) -$2/2 Coke 2L Printable (NLA)
Used -$1.99 FREE Diet Sprite Zero 2L (My Coke Rewards)
Used (2) -$1 Minute Made Printable (NLA)
Used -$2 Culturelle Printable (NLA)
Used (2) -$1 Eucerin Printable
Used -$5/2 Bayer
Used -$2 Listerine Printable
Used -$2 Listerine CRT (from Scanner)
Used (2) -$1.35/2 Kisses, Reeses’s etc Printable (Savings Club Member)
Used (2) -$2.50/2 CVS Kisses or Reese’s Printable (NLA)
Used (2) -$5 BOGO Visine
Used -$10 Contour Next EZ (from eBay)
Used -$2 Rembrandt Printable
Used -$1 Soft Scrub Printable
Used -$2 Bengay
Used (8) -$2.15 Finish Detergent (from L.A. Times)
Used -$52 in Extra Bucks

Total after coupons used = $6.75

EBs Earned = $53.99 $10 Culturelle, $9.99 Contour, $6 Eucerin, $5 Nivea, $2 Bengay, $1 Kelloggs and (2) $10 CVS Cash Card

1Notes: Right above the Bayer and Flintstones, I found tearpads for $4/2 Alka Seltzer Plus, Bayer, Aleve, One a Day, Citracal, Flintstones, Philips or TruBiotics Products (no size restriction) exp 12/13/13. Yep, I know I flubbed up on the $2 Listerine coupon, as well as, the $5/2 coupon. I had allot of coupons that I was trying to manage and the cashier was so tired scanning coupons even if it beeped he just pushed it through. The second $2.50/2 CVS Hershey’s coupon beep, too, and he pushed it through. Because I went out so late there was no ROC Cleansers on the shelf.  I was actually surprised that there was the visine still on the shelf.  I plan to get two more CVS Cash Cards, finish up the Bayer deal and return the Visine since it didn’t count towards the J&J deal! Wish I would have printed more of the Coke coupons.


  • Gee January 7, 2013, 16:18

    I got my twelve pack coupons from coke rewards in the mail earlier.Is it possible to use multiple free coke coupons in one transaction?

    Also I checked my tribune I received in the mail recently, in all 5 inserts no free bar or bogo stayfree so I assume those are regional.

    • admin January 7, 2013, 19:01

      Gee, it will totally depend upon your cashier or store. I’ve never had a problem with redeeming coupons for free items at CVS but I also never had 12 free coupons in the same transaction. If I was you and to save some time, just call the store and ask to speak to the store manager. Get the manager’s name and ask him or her if you can redeem all 12 coupons or do they want you to break up the transaction? Also, keep in mind, the max value of the coupons is $4.99 and CVS registers auto-deducts the max value and you could have almost $2 of overage depending upon your store or cashier. Once, I had like $10 worth of ECBs that were one day expired, I called and talked to the store manager, he told me to bring them down today and say “Hal” said it was okay. 🙂

      Remember, all coupons are regional. Normally (not always) between the San Diego paper and the L.A. Times, I can get the good coupons. There was also a $2 Ensure coupon that came out over the weekend and neither of my papers had the coupon so I ordered it on eBay for my mom.

  • greenbean January 7, 2013, 17:39

    Lubriderm is one of the items for the J&J deal, so that’s probably just what they’ve called it. Does it maybe say $10.04 more is needed to complete the deal? That would mean that the Visine did count for it, though not the Listerine Pocketpaks and Rembrandt, which sucks.

    • admin January 7, 2013, 18:49

      THANK YOU Greenbean for clearing that up…I thought I was going crazy! 🙂