My Trip to CVS…

Okay after all these drugstore and grocery store trips, I am beat!  My plan is to take the rest of the day just doing some laundry and clean and then doing some relaxing.

I stopped by CVS to do the ProGlide Razor and use my new $5/$15 CRT.  I have a $6 Prevacid CRT plus a $6 Prevacid MFQ and the 14ct is $12.99. 

Well, Hells Bells, I stopped by TWO CVS stores and neither one had the 14ct Prevacid. 

But I found something even better that was just pure luck!  I was checking out the make-up and notice that some of the Revlon lipsticks were 75% off…and there happen to be $2 Revlon peelies on the lipsticks not on clearance.  I looked at the UPC codes and guess what…the UPC codes matched for any Revlon lipsticks. 

Here are my gets at CVS:

Bought 2 Revlon Cream Gloss $4.98
Bought 1 Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razor $9.97

Total = $14.95

Used -$4.99 EB
Used (2) $2 Revlon Peelie
Used -$4 Gillette Fusion (P&G 6/6)

Total = $1.96

EB Earned = $5

Profit = $3.04

Notes:  The $2 peelies did not beep they just scanned right through.  It’s a good thing that I looked at my Extra Bucks this morning b/c I have 2 more left that will be expiring on 6/8.  I guess I will be buying some Glade…