My Trip to CVS – 4/7

IMG-20130407-01132When I walked into CVS I knew that I was going to get the Soft Scrub and the Sally Hansen Gel Nail Polish, I had found my $25 in Extra Bucks that were expiring on 4/9…so, I decided to have some fun at CVS and buy some items that I wanted like the Heidi Klum “Surprise” Body Spray…it smells sooooo delicious!!!

Here are my gets at CVS:

Bought 1 Physicians Formula Concealer $.49
Bought 1 Physicians Formula Matte Eye Shadow $1.49
Bought 2 Soft Scrub Cleaners $4.79 (on BOGO)
Bought 1 Sally Hansen Gel Nail Polish $12.99
Bought 1 Dermasilk Eye Eraser $19.99
Bought 2 Dixie Perfect Coffee Cups 14ct $9.98
Bought 2 Heidi Klum Surprise Body Wash 2.5oz $17.98

Total = $67.71

Used (2) -$1 Physicians Formula
Used -$4.79 FREE Soft Scrub Coupon (home mailer)
Used -$2 Sally Hansen Tearpad
Used -$4/$12 Cosmetics CRT
Used -$4.99 BOGO Dixie Perfect CRT
Used -$33 in Extra Bucks

Total after coupons used = $8 something

EBs Earned = $15 – $5 Sally and $10 Dermasilk

Notes: As soon as I typed “Total after coupons used” I started hearing water hitting the floor. I jumped up and ran into the kitchen and water was literally overflowing out of the kitchen sink! I have never ever seen anything like it before…NEVER. It was like a bad dream, water was all over the kitchen floor and towards the living room. Boy, did I have a mess to clean up. Now, I cannot remember a darn thing about my trip to CVS! 🙂


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