My Trip to CVS…

My $6 Prevacid CRT was expiring tomorrow so I had to head to CVS for cheap Prevacid.  My plan was to also do the Gillette Body Wash, too, but I didn’t get a copy of the CVS ad on Friday nor in any of the newspapers I bought today.  Strange. 

So, once I see the ad in the store…I notice that there is no Gillette/Old Spice Body Wash $4 Extra Bucks deal in Southern Calif!!!!  Say, what?  Oh brother, don’t tell me that CVS is once again “experimenting” with Southern Calif and changing our sales ad from the National sales ad like they did last summer.

Anyways, here is my get at CVS:

Bought 1 Prevacid 14ct $12.99
Used -$6 Prevacid Printable
Used -$6 Prevacid CRT

Total after coupons used = .99 cents

Notes:  That really sucks that CVS left out Southern Calif on the Gillette/OS Body Wash deal especially since it was a $4 profit using the BOGO Q!  However, I did get 2 FREE Nivea Body Wash at Walgreens so all is not lost.

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