My Trip to CVS

Really, all I needed was the bleach and Allegra but as I am looking down at my receipt…I bought the wrong darn Children’s Allegra…and I went into negative territory to boot. I’ll have to take back the wrong Allegra to another CVS store b/c I don’t want the cashier to get into any trouble by letting me go into the negative. I am gonna get back that $12.49 + tax and they will put it on a CVS gift card.

Here are my gets at CVS:

Bought 2 Dove Chocolate Bars $1.50
Bought 1 Clorox Bleach $1.99
Bought 1 Allegra 70ct $34.99
Bought 1 Allegra 12ct $12.49
Bought 1 L’Oreal Lipstick $9.99
Bought 1 L’Oreal Nail Color $6.29

Total = $67.25

Used -$.50/2 Dove Printable (no longer available)
Used -$10/$45 Allergy CRT
Used (2) -$5 Allegra (SS 5/6)
Used (2) -$4 L’Oreal Tearpads
Used -$5.76 20% off Beauty Club Coupon
Used -$39.99 in Extra bucks

Total after coupons used = -$3 paid tax

EB Earned = $8.75 – $5 Allegra, $.75 Dove and $3 L’Oreal

Notes: I started this morning I had like a little over $50 in Extra Bucks plus believe or not I still have (3) $10 CVS Money Cards and I have another CVS gift card with money on it from when I did the Neosporin Essentials deal of buy and return. It’s all good! 🙂