My Trip to CVS

I scanned my CVS card and out pops (2) $5 Beauty Club Bucks with two different bar codes!  I should have only gotten one but when I was at CVS earlier in the week, it did not print and it should have printed.  I also got a $1 any Mouth Rinse and a $3/$10 Cosmetics CRT that only good for three days.

Here are my gets at CVS:

Bought 1 Revlon Nail Polish $4.99
Bought 1 Salon Pas $1.87
bought 1 CVS Romance Body Wash $2.37
Bought 1 CVS Fresh Body Wash $1.18 (BOGO50%)
Bought 1 Crest Clinical Rinse $5.79
Bought 1 Oral-B Toothbrush Clinical $5.99
Bought 1 DenTek 150ct $2.50

Total = $24.69

Used -$1 Revlon Nail color Tear Pad
Used -$3 CVS FREE Body Wash Coupon (exp 5/20)
Used -$3 Crest Clinical (home mailer Vocal Point)
Used -$2.25 Oral-B Toothbrush (home mailer Vocal Point)
Used -$1.25 DenTek Printable (from We Pillage, the Village)
Used -$14 in Extra Bucks

Total after coupons used = .19 cents

EBs Earned = $11.37 – $3 Revlon, $5 Crest, $1.87 Salonpas, $1.50 Dentek

Notes: The $1 Dentek scanned beautifully, however, the $1 Revlon Nail Color coupon was a beeper but was pushed through. The FREE CVS Body Wash coupon auto-deducted $3.

The lady behind me was “ooooh and awweeee” as she saw my final total was $3.01 (including tax).